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Saatchi & Saatchi (Toyota/Lexus)

UI/UX Designer

My Role:

  • I’m currently working as a UI/UX designer where I design and produce a wide variety of digital projects that range from full conceptualization to general webpage updates on and
  • I’ve led the design for the Corolla Family, 2021 Sienna and Cars for GoodTM projects on

Cars for Good

I designed the webpage for and assisted in the content development of a new charity program called Toyota Cars for Good™. Toyota Canada Inc (TCI) had never launched a program like this before so there were some challenges along the way. For example, the lack of a photoshoot forced me to get creative with content creation. Communicating with the various stakeholders also proved difficult at times as there were so many different parties attached to this project. Ultimately it was a great learning experience and a really fast-paced and exciting project to work on.

The initial program lunch was so successful that TCI had to cap the number of charities that could apply. The number of applicants exceeded their expectations by over 500%! As a result, TCI has decided to continue the program for the next few years.

Check out the page here:

2021 Sienna

So proud to have led the design for the 2021 Sienna catalogue, and to be part of a great team that brought it to life on! Check out the Overview and Features pages here: Overview Page, Features Page


Check out some other pages I’ve worked on: