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Branding-focused UX Project: Plugged

Plugged is an online platform that brings music lovers together. The goal is to help local artists collaborate, venues find live entertainment, and fans to enjoy and support the music they love.

Task: My team and I were tasked to prototype an app and website for a client’s business idea.

We created a feed-based platform where users choose their role (fan, venue, artist) and then browse through appropriate content and take action (book a ticket or contact a potential collaborator).

My Role: The design process consisted of research, iterations, and testing which lasted several weeks. I was instrumental in the ideation, visual / UX design, prototyping, and user testing for this project. I user tested our prototypes with multiple target users and discovered a number of technical issues. For example, users were experiencing difficulty going back a page when using our app because the back button was too small. I also learnt that our initial rating system was unclear and updated it according to the information I had collected. I used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to design some of the screens, and Adobe XD to create a portion of both prototypes.

Click here to view live web prototype

Click here to view live app prototype

Web Prototype:

Mobile Prototype: